Sunday, July 4, 2021

AAHAR @ Rajdhani - MENU (JULY 18 / 19, 2021) - Maryland / DC / Virginia - SUNDAY / MONDAY


NON-VEG (32 - 38 ozs):
RoopChandar Kalia - (Pomfret),
Calcutta Style Chilli Fish (Filet),
Chingri Jhal Bati Chochhori,
Goalondo Chicken Curry,
Lucknowi Chicken Keema.
Calcutta Dhaba Style Egg Curry.


PhulKofir Dalna (8ozs),
BadShahi Enchor (8ozs),
Kumror Chokka (8ozs),
Shorshe Shak w/Vegs (8ozs), 
Aloo Posto (8ozs).
Shobji Motor Dal (16 ozs),
PanchMishali Dal (16 ozs).
Mishti Polao (16ozs).
**Kalia - Marinated Pomfret / Pompano Fish Cooked in a Spiced Stew with thick gravy.
**Chilli Fish - Fusion dish, marinated filet fish pieces are made crispy, and tossed in tangy sauce mixture with spring onion, garlic, onion, and bell pepper pieces.
**Chingri Jhal Bati Chochhori - Flavors of Shrimp, Green Chillies, Chinese Eggplant & Potatoes Combine with a tinge of mustard oil to create this authentic village style riverine dish. 
**Goalondo Chicken Curry - Classical East Bengal Style Simple But Tasty Chicken Curry from pre-Partition Bengal, our recipe is from .
**Lucknowi Chicken Keema - Minced (Ground) Chicken cooked with aromatic spices, green peas, and dressed up with herbs..
**Dhaba Egg Curry - Rustic Egg Curries that are cooked on Calcutta Office Areas or Pice Hotels - Rich, Spicy in Onion-Tomato Gracy with Flavors Oozing on the sides, and a Smoky Aroma.
**PhulKofir Dalna - A Delicious Curry Made With Cauliflowers, Green Peas, & Potatoes.
**Badshahi Enchor - Green Young Jackfruit Cooked in a special way, tempered with a select set of spices.
**Kumror Chokka - Classical Bengali dish Made with Pumpkin, Potatoes, Parval, and Kala Chana.
**Shorshe Shak - Fresh Mustard Greens with Beans, Chinese Eggplants, and Lentil Dumplings.
**Posto - Classic Bengali dish.  Sparing in its use of spices, this preparation relies on the flavors of potatoes, green chillies, and posto seeds for its taste.
**Shobji Motor Dal - Bengali Style Yellow Split Peas, protein rich, with Vegetables, and have a similar nutrition profile similar to that of non-veg items.
**Panchmeshali Dal - A Medium Spiced Preparation of Dal, Made with a Medey of Lentils.
**Mishti Polao, or Bengali Sweet Polao can be substituted in any of the vegetable categories below.
You may choose a la carte items as desired.   We will have reduced prices for Maryland & Virginia, as compared to our rates in NY/NJ/PA.
Please See Packaging Below as well.
Cuisine Of The East - Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Nepal, Jharkhand, Bihar.
Any Single Veg Item  4$
Any Single Dal Item 2$
Any Single Non Veg Item  14$
Mishti Polao - 4$ - when available.
Party - 180$ (Nimontron Packet)
Any 8 Non-Veg Items PLUS 12 veg items, PLUS Any 6 dals, Plus Any 8 Mishti Polao.
Couple - 80$ (MahaNagar Packet)
Any 4 Non-Veg Items PLUS 6 veg items, PLUS Any 4 dals.
Single - 44$ (RajDhani Packet)
Any 2 Non-Veg Items PLUS 4 veg items, PLUS Any 2 dals.
(****) -  Mutton - Surcharge of 3$ per 24 oz container, when available. 
More Combinations Coming Soon!

DEADLINE :   9 PM - JULY 13, 2021 - TUESDAY.
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